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Do you dare to be selfish?

In a busy and demanding world, SELFISH will empower you to become your truest self. From managing stress to forming new habits, Nicola and Anna want to help and guide you on your journey via The Selfish Podcast, events and so much more!

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A sneak peak from a few of our interviews!

From Battling Anorexia to Soulful Success Coach
with Hanna Bier

In this episode, we dive into:

  • We find out Hanna’s difficult upbringing, battle with anorexia and substance abuse.
  • What she’s tried and tested herself
  • How she became a Soulful Success Coach
  • How she works with her her clients to heal past trauma so they can lead their best life
  • What irritates her about the self development industry
  • Why sometimes you will lose people when searching for your Truth
  • What she’s unapologetically selfish about


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Finding the Joy
with Nicole Joy

In this episode, we dive into

  • Who is Nicole is and how she got to today
  • How to find your joy - three tips to be more joyful
  • Nicole’s relationship with food and how it’s changed
  • Ridding the diets and eating what your body needs
  • The perils of social media and its scroll hol and comparison epidemic
  • Body image positivity and how to create positive conversations for young women
  • Making time for self


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The Not-So-Secret Secret of a Resilient Life
with Amarjot Bhogal

In this episode we dive into:

  • Amarjot’s burnout and recovery from cancer. Setting up and running her own resilience coaching and training business.
  • Tools implemented to recover from personal struggles and ill health
  • The tell tale signs for women in particular that need to slow down
  • Most common scenarios seen today in women regards to burnout
  • Advice for women going through burn out


iTunes  https://apple.co/2MKhEo4
SoundCloud  http://bit.ly/2lTuNjp
Stitcher  https://bit.ly/2KZNwom

Who are Anna Wallace & Nicola Cloherty?


Anna is a registered Nutritionist and food freedom coach who has helped hundreds of women around the world become more mindful around food, shift unwanted weight and get back to feeling their best in their body.


Nicola educates how people to lead a more empowered and natural life with essential oils, is an event organiser within the health, wellness and the self-love space and an experienced marketer. She’s in the process of focusing her marketing consultancy and coaching toward supporting those in the health and wellbeing industry.


Anna and Nicola met in at a wee outdoor spot in Amsterdam, to chew the entrepreneurial fat over an afternoon cuppa as the sun shone. They connected via a mutual online hub geared toward female entrepreneurs, and they both say, it was like they had been sent to each other. Both ‘entrepreneurs’ (Nicola really does struggle with this term!) and dabblers in leading more balanced, mindful, self-focussed lives, they spent hours gushing over business, the highs, the lows, journaling, visualisation, manifestation, healthy lifestyle (see our dictionary of jargon here) and more.

From that moment, they continued to support and lean on each other and figured there must be heaps more women in a similar situation. The initial idea was to launch a podcast, but after some consideration, brainstorming, and let’s face it, more talking, SELFISH. was born.

Anna & Nicola 
Unapologetically Selfish
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